New K-8 Online Experience

New K-8 Online Experience

Quaker Preparatory Academy

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Experience

We are excited to announce the opening of our new tuition-free, public online school for K-8 students throughout Ohio. QPA is home of the Preparatory Penguins where students are provided additional opportunities to excel beyond the basic core classes.  This online at-home school is supported by dedicated teachers, school leaders, technology specialists, and curriculum designed to engage your children while preparing them for academic success.

QPA begins in Kindergarten by nurturing a young student’s natural curiosity and love of learning through a stimulating curriculum and meaningful feedback through live individual video sessions with students and their parents.  Our program takes into account that young students need to touch, talk, listen, and move while learning.  This combination supported by the parent as their academic coach helps to develop their thirst for knowledge.


Why should I choose an Online Educational Program?

Enrolling in an online program provides greater flexibility and more individualized learning than the traditional brick and mortar school buildings. With online learning, students can learn anytime, anywhere in the world. The flexibility of the learning allows students to work during their peak hours for learning while parents can develop a routine that fits each family’s schedule. Online learning also allows for families to keep their children and family members from exposure to health concerns during uncertain times.


Our Values

Our core values include Passion, Accountability, and Courage. We strive to impact not only your family, but the entire community through our CARE initiative.

C is for communication through listening and trying to understand your needs.

A is for affirmation through catching all the good things that happen each day.

R is for resources to help train and support families to be successful.

E is being an example of what it means to give of our time and energy to help others.

This helps to support our mission to support and encourage personal and academic development.


Our Program

  • The Basics:
    • Reading * Writing * Math * Social Studies * Science
  • Foreign Languages:
    • Our elementary students also have the opportunity to study world languages such as Spanish, French, German, or Chinese. At the beginning levels the focus is on vocabulary acquisition through games, songs, stories, and practice. As students progress, they are introduced to greetings, grammar, songs, phrases along with other activities.
  • Robotics and Coding:
    • A fun way to develop problem solving and critical skills is through basic programming activities. Through this interactive self-paced platform, students will learn programming languages that are used in the everyday games and apps
  • Progress Tracking:
    • We regularly monitor your students progress and ability to keep up with their course work. Certified teachers are in constant contact with you to update grades and access skills and knowledge. Students are given suggested schedules that act as a guide of when assignments are to be completed and turned in for grades. The schedule is flexible to meet your needs while still maintaining the required school schedule of finishing within the designated school year.

To learn more about the possibilities of online learning, visit our website at or call 1-866-968-7032.