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Recently the staff at Quaker Academies had the pleasure of working with Focus 3 Group out of Columbus.  Their message is summed up in the formula E+R=O.  This stands for Event + Response = Outcome.  In life we cannot control what others will do or say, but we do have the ability to control how we respond or not respond to different situations.  The choices that we make are the most powerful factor in our journey through life.  What we are trying to accomplish with this formula is to become the best version of ourselves. 

As I reflected on the learning, it reminded me of the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek.  This author reminds us that people are not as interested in the what you do or how you do it, but the why behind it.  "The Heart" of why we do what we do is reflected in what we believe and value. 

We are working on our strategic plan at both QDA and QPA.  In the next year, we will be developing a plan of action to make more of an impact for our students.  As we worked with some community and business leaders, we have come up with the following three core competencies that will be at the center of our vision. 

Perseverance, Communication, Global Citizens 


Throughout the year, we will keep you posted on the exciting events that will help us achieve our vision.





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